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HN228 HN228 HN228


The HN228 is available in standard- and low-profile sizes to provide a wide square footprint on the road. The HN228 is also designed with angled tread blocks with opposing center ribs for superior traction.

Features and Benefits

  • Soil and mud traction through angled shoulder sipes
  • Opposing tread block design reduces chipping and scrape
  • Superior wet traction through an aggressive shoulder design


  • Regional Trucks
  • Freight Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Mix Concrete Trucks
  • Refuse Truck
Max Rated Load (lbs @ PSI)
SIZE P.R. L.I. S.S. O.D. (in) S.W. (in) T.D. (32nds) RIM (in) S.L.R.(in) R.P.M. SINGLEDUAL
SIZE P.R. L.I. S.S. O.D. (in) S.W. (in) T.D. (32nds) RIM (in) S.L.R.(in) R.P.M. SINGLEDUAL
Max Rated Load (lbs @ PSI)
385/65R22.518158L42.2015.302111.7519.70494.09,370 @ 120 -
255/70R22.516140/137L36.6010.00257.5017.10569.05,510 @ 1205,070 @ 120
275/70R22.518144/141L37.7010.90258.2517.60552.06,175 @ 1205,675 @ 120


SIZE - Dimension

P.R. - Ply Rating

L.I. - Load Index

S.S. - Speed Symbol

O.D. - Overall Diameter (in)

S.W. - Section Width (in)

T.D. - Tread Depth (32nds)

RIM - Rim Width (in)

S.L.R. - Static Load Radius (in)

R.P.M. - Revolutions Per Mile

SINGLE - Single Max Rated Load

DUAL - Dual Max Rated Load

*Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the listed specifications and such, the information contained should be considered as approximate.