Premium Regional Rib


The ASR06 (HN252) is a premium regional rib tire engineered for regional applications and limited highway use.

Designed For:

  • Regional Trucks
  • Pick-up & Delivery Trucks


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Alternating Tread Design

• Alternating tread design maximizes traction and reduces irregular wear

5-Rib Design

• 5-rib design for large and even footprint on the road

Zig-zag Tread Blocks

• Zig-zag tread blocks with micro-sipes to reduce stone retention

CodeProduct Code SizeTire Size P.R.Ply Rating L.I.Load Index S.S.Speed Symbol O.D.Outside Diameter S.W.Section Width T.D.Tread Depth R.W.Rim Width S.L.R.Static Load Radius R/MRevolutions / Mile Wt.Tire Weight LCC 1XLoad Carrying Capacity@PSI (Single) LCC 2XLoad Carrying Capacity@PSI (Dual)
          in. in. 32nds   in.   lbs. lbs.@psi lbs.@psi
735959 9R22.5 14 136/134 M 38.1 9.0 18 6.75 17.7 545 91 4940@120 4675@120